Store marinaded meats

pesto chicken
Pesto chicken from PCC

Uncooked carne asada, pesto chicken, kebabs, meatballs etc are too easy and delicious. I pick them up once in a while when they become available. This pesto chicken mmmMMM… Just buy it, shove it in the oven for an hour and a half to bake at 400Β°. I cannot for the life of me remember what the side was.

This is a bit messy but the roommate and I finished it in one night. Β It must’ve costed me $10~11. What a deal!

Pro Cooking Tip 7: Grab your favorite marinaded meat ASAP!


Get the most out of a Mongolian grill

I enjoyed this lovely meal with my roommate. We’re dating. We met on Tinder. Long story. Anyways, back to the point. I read several reviews online and him complaining ‘the bowls are too small‘. Yes, they are indeed tiny but the ingredients are not liquid. Let me share some tips on how to stack this-all-you-can-eat do-it-yourself business.


  1. Choose Noodles – Pick either rice or chow-mein. Taste if you are not sure. Fill 1/3rd of your bowl with this. Make sure the heap is flat on top.
  2. Continue stacking the vegetables of your choice (5-10 pieces) evenly. You can top them reducing the area of the layer on top gradually and make quite a big heap.
  3. Spices – I like hot spices. So I took 2 tbs of the chili oil sauce. You want as much garlic too so this doesn’t taste like a salad. A little ginger (1 tsp) is good too but not too much. I avoid tangy veggies. I can add vinegar later if I want to make it sour.
  4. Meat – Seafood goes better with rice noodles and meats go better with chow mein IMO
  5. Sauce – I chose the Thai peanut sauce to compliment the spice in my grill.
  6. Rice – I went with the fried rice. But I regret it. Too greasy. Should have gone with plain.

I was full but I still had leftovers.

A relatively unrelated pro-tip I’d like to share:

Pro Cooking Tip 6: Mild flavors go better with seafood and strong flavors go better with meats

Good luck at the grill πŸ™‚ Be careful you don’t spill!

A thing or two about proteins and other non-dairy animal products

Animals are cute but we need protein :/

Alpengrove restaurant, Grand Denali lodge

Eggs, spinach and quinoa are my other protein options which aren’t very many. So I rotate and how!

Safety rules:

Chicken is scarier because of salmonella. So if you are new to cooking,

  1. Refrigerate it immediately
  2. Wash your hands immediately after handling it raw.
  3. Wash any bowls or spatulas you use immediately after handling it raw as well
  4. Take it out only when you’re about to heat it

Fish, you never know but I follow the same rules

Cuts I use:

  • Curries – Thighs, drumsticks, neck (I pull out the meat before serving)
  • Baking – Things and wings (smaller in height) or whole chicken πŸ™‚
  • Grilling – boneless tenders as they are lighter

You want to cook a portion on medium flame for at least 20 minutes and bake for at least 25 and cook all the way ALWAYS


I use any kind of white fish for tacos or stew. Halibut is if I want to go fancy. Catfish is my favorite but I’ll do Red snapper, Dover, Sole, Cod even.

I only bake Salmon with glaze. I don’t see the point of putting a flavorful fish like that in a curry.

Cook/ shallow fry 5 minutes on either side for a small fillet.


Mr shrimp is the love of my life! crunchy and delicious! The thing to note about cooking it is, it has 2 veins. One on top and one at the bottom. remove both by cutting it from head to tail on both sides and remove it. Remove the tail too please. No one’s into it. Red wine adds a yummy flavor to any shrimp dish.

One portion cooks in 15 minutes on medium flame


Too much work to make at home. I just eat this outside


So tasty and delicious and so easy to make. I steam them with butter-pepper-garlic, serve with some brussel sprouts and the taste great.

Red meats:

Mutton is good well done. Beef is good medium rare. Lamb is good either way and hence I love it more ❀

Rib-eye, Filet mignon, Sirloin, NY, T bone are all very tasty beef cuts. But they are huge and I phased them out as my doctor kept telling me my cholesterol could be better. Now I do tri-strip steak, lamb chops, lamb shoulders usually. Mutton is too expensive in the Pacific Northwest and hard to find so pass.

3.5 minutes on medium flame on either side for any of the above

Beef bone marrow

Another thing about meat is there isn’t a big demand for organs and bone marrow I wonder why. Its not that gross. Liver is rich in vitamins. Bone marrow is a good source of unsaturated fat. Chicken brain is just yummy. It’s also a good way to break the monotony of the same meats over and over and get a different flavor.

Pro Cooking Tip 4: Expand your meaty horizons πŸ™‚