Get the most out of a Mongolian grill

I enjoyed this lovely meal with my roommate. We’re dating. We met on Tinder. Long story. Anyways, back to the point. I read several reviews online and him complaining ‘the bowls are too small‘. Yes, they are indeed tiny but the ingredients are not liquid. Let me share some tips on how to stack this-all-you-can-eat do-it-yourself business.


  1. Choose Noodles – Pick either rice or chow-mein. Taste if you are not sure. Fill 1/3rd of your bowl with this. Make sure the heap is flat on top.
  2. Continue stacking the vegetables of your choice (5-10 pieces) evenly. You can top them reducing the area of the layer on top gradually and make quite a big heap.
  3. Spices – I like hot spices. So I took 2 tbs of the chili oil sauce. You want as much garlic too so this doesn’t taste like a salad. A little ginger (1 tsp) is good too but not too much. I avoid tangy veggies. I can add vinegar later if I want to make it sour.
  4. Meat – Seafood goes better with rice noodles and meats go better with chow mein IMO
  5. Sauce – I chose the Thai peanut sauce to compliment the spice in my grill.
  6. Rice – I went with the fried rice. But I regret it. Too greasy. Should have gone with plain.

I was full but I still had leftovers.

A relatively unrelated pro-tip I’d like to share:

Pro Cooking Tip 6: Mild flavors go better with seafood and strong flavors go better with meats

Good luck at the grill 🙂 Be careful you don’t spill!